Welcome to ACLE 2017-2018! (aka some reminders)

 Good evening! We will be beginning our First Batch Run this Wednesday. With this some reminders.

1. To qualify for the First Batch Run, your organization must complete 2 ACLE accredited events. If you have a partner org in creating your ACLE, you need to accomplish 1 ACLE accredited event EACH. So far, we have had 3 ACLE accredited events, with two more coming up. 

2. Once again, you may just submit a picture of your old org recognition ceretificate to edres.updusc@gmail.com for that particular requirement. Student Councils and other orgs that have talked to me about holding an ACLE without being an org need only accomplish the 2 event ACLE accredited requirement.

3. Kindly ensure that you already have your topic and venue proposals. You may send multiple of these; just make sure to label which ones are your preferred choices. For organizations whose preferred venues are not listed, kindly indicate the venue you want in your topic proposal. Ako na bahala sa inyo ;)

That would be it. Anything you have to send to me must be sent at edres.updusc@gmail.com

As always, you may PM me or text me at 09063595378 for questions. 

Have a wonderful night! ^___^V

- Carlos