List of ACLE Topics sorted by Organization

ACLE Topic Organization Venue Action
The Now Generation: Podcasts, Streaming, On-demand Media and Music-making DZUP Radio Circle CMC Auditorium Enlist
The Geography of Beauty Pageants GSUP PH 207 Enlist
Design Thinking LEAD-CHE CHE AH 203 A & B Enlist
FITspiration PAN-Alpha Vinzons Alcantara Hall Enlist
Political Prisoners in the Philippines SCMP-UPD PH 312-314 Enlist
Blood Donation Talk/Drive UP CBI/CBI-UPD PH AS Alcove Enlist
Xpress Xpe: A workshop on human expression through experimental filmmaking, with Christian Babista and Raf Evangelista from FEU Film Society UP Cineastes' (UPCS) CMC UPFI Media Center B4 Enlist
Curves and Edges: Calligraphy + Watercolor and Papercutting Workshop UP Club Ecotour Econ SE 123 Enlist
Children and Self Identity UP CRAdLe Econ SE 127 Enlist
More Than Words UP CREAtes Eduk Room 214 Enlist
Malaya at Mapagpalayang Pgasulat (approved) UP EdCirc Eduk Benitez Theatre Enlist
Ano dapat ang kinain nina Adan at Eba? Garden of Eden revisited. UP Elohist Vinzons Activity Center Enlist
Touch Rugby UP GEOP CHK Track Oval Enlist
How To Be StuPid: Your Ultimate Guide To Being A Studyanteng Matipid UP JPIA BA 308 Enlist
A Philosophical Choose-Your-Own-Adventure: The Search for Free Will UP KaPiTas PHAn (AEL) Lobby Enlist
Iskopoeira: Free Capoeira Workshop UP KCD PH (AS) 1F Lobby Enlist
Iskopoeira: Free Capoeira Workshop UP KCD PH (AS) 1F Lobby Enlist
Are We There Yet?" An ACLE on the Basics of Hiking UP KEM Engg Maynilad Room Enlist
It's Shoe You Are: Psychology of Wearing Shoes UP Kustura PH 308-310 Enlist
How to get away with Law School UP OBEM Econ SE 125 Enlist
Educational Aspirations in the ASEAN Integration UP Praxis PH 108-110 Enlist
PANDEMIC: The perfect virus got out. Can you? UP PreMedSoc CS IB 117 Enlist
Appeal in the media UP PsychSoc PH 400 Enlist
Online Dating Algoritm UP StatSoc Econ SE 114 Enlist
Online Dating Algoritm UP StatSoc Econ SE 114 Enlist
Speaking Without Words: An Introduction to the Sign Language of Filipino Deaf Children UP VFC Eduk Room 312 Enlist
Technology in Entrepreneurship UPCE BA 301 Enlist
Evangelion: Sharing truths in creative ways UPDCF Vinzons UFS Conference Hall Enlist
The Representation of Indigenous People in Philippine Media UPJC CMC Beltran Newsroom Enlist
Alternative Storytelling UPLF CAL 201 Enlist
Songwriting Crash Course UPMC Econ SE 121 Enlist
Promdi Metro: A Travel Guide for Destinations 2-3 Hours Away from UP Diliman UPTS Econ SE 103 Enlist