List of ACLE Topics sorted by Organization

ACLE Topic Organization Venue Action
Basics of Korean Social Culture ARIRANG CHE Gusali 2 Room C Enlist
Thinking in 3D (physical models) ASAPHIL-UP Arki Bldg 2 Rm103/103A Enlist
Cybersecurity: Pitfalls and Countermeasures IEEE UPD SB Engg EEEI LC2 Astec Hall Enlist
Haze on Hazing: Assessing the Controversies of Initiation Rites in the Philippines IGNITE-NCPAG Econ SE 105 Enlist
Jazz Basics Jazz UP CMu Rey T. Paguio Hall Enlist
TITLE: ToGoTher: Solving the Transportation Crisis Together Concept: Transportation and Public Service PALS-NCPAGA NCPAG AVR Enlist
Feng Shui and Filipino Beliefs in Architecture UAPSA-UPD Arki Bldg 1 Museum Enlist
Chemistry Behind Cosmetics UP ACME CHE Gusali 2 Room A & B Enlist
Juan Astronomiya: Isang sitweysyuner sa lagay ng Astronomiya sa Pilipinas UP AstroSoc CS NIP LP 101 Enlist
Measure for Pleasure: Reproductive Health, Why and How it Matters UP Babaylan PH 120-122 Enlist
Science in Crime Solving UP DOST SA CS Auditorium Enlist
Unspoken Words: A Beginner Course in Filipino Sign Language UP GE Club Engg GE Theater Enlist
The Sustainability of Free Tuition UP JMA BA 304 Enlist
Science of Sound: Material Selection UP MSS MH 309-311 Enlist
The Psychology Behind Memes UP PUGAD Sayk Eduk Benitez Theatre Enlist
Crime Fiction UP: UGAT CAL 201 Enlist
Bedroom Music Production UPMC Econ SE 121 Enlist
A Glimpse of the Stories of Marawi and its Unfortunate Adversity UPMSA PH 216-218 Enlist