ACLE Opening Program & ACLE Kits Distribution

[ACLE Season Two]

ACLE Season Two will start tomorrow and everyone’s invited to attend the OPENING PROGRAM on March 31, 12:00-1:00PM at the Alcantara Hall, 2/F Vinzons Hall. The ACLE Kits for ACLE-Participating Orgs shall be distributed after the program.

For a copy of the Course Catalogue (List of ACLE Classes), you can check out

For more details, contact ACLE Head Vince Liban at 0936-421-7622.

ACLE Pubmat Deadline & 3rd General Assembly

Good day, ACLE-Participating Orgs! :)

Hope you’re all enjoying the break. Please be informed however that the deadline of ACLE Official Publicity Materials is on March 28 (Monday). Kindly send the final version of your publicity materials to with Subject "ACLE Pub - <Org Name>". You may access the ACLE sticker/logo at this link:

We will also have our 3rd General Assembly on Monday, March 28, 2016, 4:00-6:00PM at the VInzons Rooftop, 4F Vinzons Hall. This will be our Final ACLE General Assembly so all are expected to attend. See you there!

Congratulations and welcome to ACLE Season Two: "Transform to Innovate. Innovate to Transform."

Best regards,

Vince Liban

ACLE Discount from WABS Lights and Sounds

Hello all! :)

For organizations in need of projectors, lights and sound system, you can now avail the 20% ACLE Discount from WABS Lights and Sounds.

WABS Lights and Sounds
Contact Number: 0915-8888-891

- Vince Liban
USC Councilor & ACLE Head


ACLE Course Catalogue (Venues & GE Category)

The initial draft of the ACLE Course Catalogue for 2nd Semester has been uploaded in the LEARN facebook group: (

Kindly comment your ORG NAME and your GE Category (i.e., PE, SSP, MST, or AH).

For updates on Org Partnerships, Venue Problems, and/or Final ACLE Titles, please e-mail or contact USC Councilor and ACLE Head Vince Liban (0936-421-7622).

Welcome to ACLE Season Two: "Transform to Innovate. Innovate to Transform."


Last ACLE-Accredited Event Package

Hi! Do you still lack an ACLE-Accredited Event? :)

BALITAKTAKAN on and with the Board of Regents
17 March 2015, 4:00-7:00PM
Malcolm Theatre, UP College of Law

MAJOR - Instant Two (2) ACLE-Accredited Events Requirement
MINOR - One (1) ACLE-Accredited Event Requirement

For more details of the partnership, please visit


Good day all!

The deadline of ACLE Requirements will be on March 4, 2016 (Friday). Kindly send your concept notes and venue requests here in ACReS on or before 11:59PM on the said date.

There will be a time next week to settle your deficiencies in ACLE should you have any. For questions, e-mail ACLE Head Vince Liban at

ACLE General Assembly II - POSTPONED

Good day ACLE-Participating Orgs! Sorry for the short notice, but the ACLE GA II scheduled on Feb 29/March1 is postponed until further notice. We’re supposed to tackle Venues as our agenda but we’re still finalizing the list with the admin. Rest assured that everyone shall have a venue for their respective ACLE. Thank you for understanding.
For questions, feel free to email the USC EdRes email and we will be more than happy to answer your concerns immediately.
In service,
Vince Liban

ACLE-Accredited Events FTW (For The Week)

 Event: "InDept Kalyeserye": A Closer Look at the Metro Manila Public Transport Agencies
Organizer: NCPAG SG
February 23 (Tuesday)
NCPAG Assembly Hall | 5:30-8:30PM

Event: "EDSAn Na Nga Ba Tayo?": Assessing Philippine Democracy 30 Years After
Organizer: UP POLSCi
February 24 (Wednesday)
PH 400 | 4:00-7:00PM

Event: "Revolt! Reform!": Which Path to Take Towards Social Change?
Organizer: UP POLITICA
February 24 (Wednesday)
CAL AVR | 4:00-7:00PM

For details, check out:


The VENUE module shall open on February 20, Saturday at 5PM and shall end completely on February 27.

Orgs who have submitted their concept topics in the First Batch Run will have higher priority during the computerized registration.

Thank you and best of luck!

- Vince Liban,

ACLE-Accredited Events FTW (For The Week)

Event: Saan Ka Dadalhin ng Pag-ibig? A Sociological Analysis of Marriage and Cohabitation in Philippine Society
Organizer: UP KMS
February 18 (Thursday)
PH 400 | 5:30-7:30PM

For details, check out:

ACLE-Accredited Events FTW (For The Week)

Event: ROW THE VOTE: A Pre-election Media Coverage Assessment
Organizer: UJP-UP
February 12 (Friday)
CMC Auditorium | 1-4PM


ACLE-Accredited Events FTW (For The Week)

Event: Techsplosion Talk
Organizer: SME-UPD
February 3 (Wednesday)
Engg Theatre | 9AM-12PM

Event: CSSP Trends: Palarong Pambansa: Campaign Edition
Organizer: CSSP SC
February 5 (Friday)
PH400 | 4-7PM

For details, check out:

Welcome to ACRES!

 Hello, ACLE-Participating Org!

Welcome to ACRES - the ACLE Computerized Registration System that would help you on your journey on ACLE this semester. This system involves a checklist of your ACLE requirements and announcement page for everything you need to know about the Alternative Classroom Learning Experience this March 31!

If you have a working account, you may log-in anytime. For those who wish to update their ACRES log-in details, please go to

For questions and concerns, you may contact USC Councilor Vince Liban at 0936 421 7622 or e-mail Thank you.

Hoping to have another fun ACLE season with you!