Logstics and Equipment Matters

[Logistics and Equipment Matters]

Good day!

Once again, I hope that all the orgs have already conferred with the admins of their venues to ensure everything is smooth tomorrow. With regards to equipment, some colleges agreed to waiving, others for rent, and others none to offer.
For those organizations that are still in need of equipment you may contact WABS Lights and Sounds (09158888891)

They offer projector and mic/speaker sets at Php 1000, respectively.

Should your org have any concerns regarding this matter, please text me and I shall see what best measure we can do to help.

Once again, PLEASE meet with your venue administrators BY TODAY. Many thanks!


ACLE Week Announcements

[Reminders to be announced, brigged and posted]

Good morning!

1. Attached is a link to the list of ACLE venues

We compel everyone to go to the admin assigned to their venues so that you may be oriented with the rules and see aside from venue which other equipment may be waived. We will begin sending out letters to the admin and the guards to ensure that everything is smooth on ACLE Day.

For Engg orgs, please make sure you go to your building’s admin to coordinate. For orgs in CSSP, we are just getting clearance from all the profs teaching classes to ensure no conflicts on the day itself.


2. Certificates of attendance will be provided by the USC. We will be having an ACLE opening program in the AS Lobby at 12 PM. All orgs are expecteed to send at least one rep to claim the ACLE kits with the certificates.

3. For orgs that have not sent their pubs, please do. For orgs that for one reason or another have to cancel their ACLE, please inform us asap as well.

******All posters given to me from last Friday are free for pickup in the USC office already.

[Pub Releases]

Later this morning - CHancellor’s Memo for ACLE
Tuesday/ Wednesday NIght - Online Release of ACLE Catalogue

Starting tomorrow, I ask that we reshare the acle pub albums and the pubs of your respective ACLE every night. 

Should you have any concerns, please feel free to email, text or PM.

Have a wonderful night!


















ACLE Schedule, Publicity and Logistics

 Good evening! After looking at org manifestations, I have come to the idea that most organizations would have a difficult time if we move dates because their programs are set. As such, I feel the most fair arrangement is to keep ACLE at October 12.

Kindly send me your main publicity material by tomorrow, as extension from yesterday.

Finally, please have your ACLE pointperson text me at 09063595378. Please list down name, org name and special requests for venue. I will be using this for the rigging list from here on, so please comply.

I will PM the orgs that have last minute applications once all event attendances from this week is accounted for. Thank you very much and have a wonderful night!



 Good evening! As announced earlier, Sir Agpaoa on behalf of the faculty was asking whether it was amenable for the orgs to have ACLE on a Wednesday instead. As such, I would like to ask whether it would be alright to move ACLE to October 18, so as to allow professors to make up for suspensions that mostly happened in TTh. Please give the thoughts and vote of your organization by Thursday.

Third Batch Run Details and Other Matters

 Good day!

I am waiting for some more attendance sheets and integration documentation, and as such, 3rd Batch Run stays open until Sunday night. Please take the time to ensure all proposals are in place.

Also, knowing that some orgs have not finished their requirements yet, I wil release a last set of ACLE accredited events for the coming week by Sunday. 

Have a wonderful night!

ACLE Accreditation Requirements

 I have finished updating all of the attendance sheets given to me. Kindly check on your requirements through the ACRES account and PM me for any discrepancies, as I will start processing later today. I will close the Second Batch Run by 6 pm. Thank you!

2nd Batch Run Details

 I am still waiting for one more organization to send their attendance details. Until then, 2nd Batch Run will remain open.

If you are still lacking requirements, please feel free to submit your proposals for topic and venue anyway, it will still be noted down and it would make things faster for when your requirements are met.

Thank you very much! ACLE Accredited events for this week are now in the LEARN Group.

2nd Batch Run Deadline Extension

 Good day! I am going to process four events for the ACLE Accreditation. As such, I have decided to extend the deadline of the 2nd Batch Run to Sunday at 9 PM. Please take the time to make sure that all of your topic and venue proposals are processed in ACRES. If there are any venues you want that are not in the list, kindly indicate it in your topic proposal. Many thanks!

September 12 ACLE Accredited Events Moved

 Please wait for updates on the new dates. In the meantime, please stay safe everyone! <3

ACLE Events for this Week

Financial Foundations of the Government’s "Golden Age of Infrastructure"
College of Engineering Melchor Hall| September 12 | 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Blood and Health Seminar
PH 400| September 12| 5:00 PM

GOOD V18ES: A Talk on Positive Psychology, Its Applicatons, and the Meaning of Life
PH 400| September 14| 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM|

Equality Matters: A Forum on Anti Discrimination Bill and Anti-Discriminatin Ordinances in the Phiippines
SE Auditorium| September 14| 5:00 PM

#Mulat ED on Gender Struggle
CS Admin Auditorium| September| 5:30 PM

ACLE Accredited Event Moved

 Good day! This is to announce that the event this Friday by UP CRAdle has been moved indefinitely. We apologize for the inconvenience.

On a side note, if you have any events or ED’s that you wish to be accredited for that day, please send it to me as soon as possible. I’m trying to make sure that we can get as many orgs to join the first batch run, while still being fair with our rules.

Many thanks! - Carlos

Welcome to ACLE 2017-2018! (aka some reminders)

 Good evening! We will be beginning our First Batch Run this Wednesday. With this some reminders.

1. To qualify for the First Batch Run, your organization must complete 2 ACLE accredited events. If you have a partner org in creating your ACLE, you need to accomplish 1 ACLE accredited event EACH. So far, we have had 3 ACLE accredited events, with two more coming up. 

2. Once again, you may just submit a picture of your old org recognition ceretificate to edres.updusc@gmail.com for that particular requirement. Student Councils and other orgs that have talked to me about holding an ACLE without being an org need only accomplish the 2 event ACLE accredited requirement.

3. Kindly ensure that you already have your topic and venue proposals. You may send multiple of these; just make sure to label which ones are your preferred choices. For organizations whose preferred venues are not listed, kindly indicate the venue you want in your topic proposal. Ako na bahala sa inyo ;)

That would be it. Anything you have to send to me must be sent at edres.updusc@gmail.com

As always, you may PM me or text me at 09063595378 for questions. 

Have a wonderful night! ^___^V

- Carlos

ACLE Opening Program & ACLE Kits Distribution

[ACLE Season Two]

ACLE Season Two will start tomorrow and everyone’s invited to attend the OPENING PROGRAM on March 31, 12:00-1:00PM at the Alcantara Hall, 2/F Vinzons Hall. The ACLE Kits for ACLE-Participating Orgs shall be distributed after the program.

For a copy of the Course Catalogue (List of ACLE Classes), you can check out bit.ly/ACLElist.

For more details, contact ACLE Head Vince Liban at 0936-421-7622.

ACLE Pubmat Deadline & 3rd General Assembly

Good day, ACLE-Participating Orgs! :)

Hope you’re all enjoying the break. Please be informed however that the deadline of ACLE Official Publicity Materials is on March 28 (Monday). Kindly send the final version of your publicity materials to updusc1516.edres@gmail.com with Subject "ACLE Pub - <Org Name>". You may access the ACLE sticker/logo at this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LEARN1516/permalink/1171852712827520/

We will also have our 3rd General Assembly on Monday, March 28, 2016, 4:00-6:00PM at the VInzons Rooftop, 4F Vinzons Hall. This will be our Final ACLE General Assembly so all are expected to attend. See you there!

Congratulations and welcome to ACLE Season Two: "Transform to Innovate. Innovate to Transform."

Best regards,

Vince Liban

ACLE Discount from WABS Lights and Sounds

Hello all! :)

For organizations in need of projectors, lights and sound system, you can now avail the 20% ACLE Discount from WABS Lights and Sounds.

WABS Lights and Sounds
Contact Number: 0915-8888-891

- Vince Liban
USC Councilor & ACLE Head


ACLE Course Catalogue (Venues & GE Category)

The initial draft of the ACLE Course Catalogue for 2nd Semester has been uploaded in the LEARN facebook group: (www.facebook.com/groups/LEARN1516/1180120302000761/)

Kindly comment your ORG NAME and your GE Category (i.e., PE, SSP, MST, or AH).

For updates on Org Partnerships, Venue Problems, and/or Final ACLE Titles, please e-mail updusc1516.edres@gmail.com or contact USC Councilor and ACLE Head Vince Liban (0936-421-7622).

Welcome to ACLE Season Two: "Transform to Innovate. Innovate to Transform."


Last ACLE-Accredited Event Package

Hi! Do you still lack an ACLE-Accredited Event? :)

BALITAKTAKAN on and with the Board of Regents
17 March 2015, 4:00-7:00PM
Malcolm Theatre, UP College of Law

MAJOR - Instant Two (2) ACLE-Accredited Events Requirement
MINOR - One (1) ACLE-Accredited Event Requirement

For more details of the partnership, please visit bit.ly/Balitaktakan5.


Good day all!

The deadline of ACLE Requirements will be on March 4, 2016 (Friday). Kindly send your concept notes and venue requests here in ACReS on or before 11:59PM on the said date.

There will be a time next week to settle your deficiencies in ACLE should you have any. For questions, e-mail ACLE Head Vince Liban at updusc1516.edres@gmail.com.

ACLE General Assembly II - POSTPONED

Good day ACLE-Participating Orgs! Sorry for the short notice, but the ACLE GA II scheduled on Feb 29/March1 is postponed until further notice. We’re supposed to tackle Venues as our agenda but we’re still finalizing the list with the admin. Rest assured that everyone shall have a venue for their respective ACLE. Thank you for understanding.
For questions, feel free to email the USC EdRes email and we will be more than happy to answer your concerns immediately.
In service,
Vince Liban

ACLE-Accredited Events FTW (For The Week)

 Event: "InDept Kalyeserye": A Closer Look at the Metro Manila Public Transport Agencies
Organizer: NCPAG SG
February 23 (Tuesday)
NCPAG Assembly Hall | 5:30-8:30PM

Event: "EDSAn Na Nga Ba Tayo?": Assessing Philippine Democracy 30 Years After
Organizer: UP POLSCi
February 24 (Wednesday)
PH 400 | 4:00-7:00PM

Event: "Revolt! Reform!": Which Path to Take Towards Social Change?
Organizer: UP POLITICA
February 24 (Wednesday)
CAL AVR | 4:00-7:00PM

For details, check out:



The VENUE module shall open on February 20, Saturday at 5PM and shall end completely on February 27.

Orgs who have submitted their concept topics in the First Batch Run will have higher priority during the computerized registration.

Thank you and best of luck!

- Vince Liban,

ACLE-Accredited Events FTW (For The Week)

Event: Saan Ka Dadalhin ng Pag-ibig? A Sociological Analysis of Marriage and Cohabitation in Philippine Society
Organizer: UP KMS
February 18 (Thursday)
PH 400 | 5:30-7:30PM

For details, check out:


ACLE-Accredited Events FTW (For The Week)

Event: ROW THE VOTE: A Pre-election Media Coverage Assessment
Organizer: UJP-UP
February 12 (Friday)
CMC Auditorium | 1-4PM


ACLE-Accredited Events FTW (For The Week)

Event: Techsplosion Talk
Organizer: SME-UPD
February 3 (Wednesday)
Engg Theatre | 9AM-12PM

Event: CSSP Trends: Palarong Pambansa: Campaign Edition
Organizer: CSSP SC
February 5 (Friday)
PH400 | 4-7PM

For details, check out:


Welcome to ACRES!

 Hello, ACLE-Participating Org!

Welcome to ACRES - the ACLE Computerized Registration System that would help you on your journey on ACLE this semester. This system involves a checklist of your ACLE requirements and announcement page for everything you need to know about the Alternative Classroom Learning Experience this March 31!

If you have a working account, you may log-in anytime. For those who wish to update their ACRES log-in details, please go to bit.ly/acressignup.

For questions and concerns, you may contact USC Councilor Vince Liban at 0936 421 7622 or e-mail updusc1516.edres@gmail.com. Thank you.

Hoping to have another fun ACLE season with you!